Big beautiful addiction

It doesn’t matter what’s being projected as the ideal body type in the media – your desires are unwavering. Big, beautiful bodies just do it for you. Maybe you’ve fetishised plus size women your whole life, or you are lulled into a false sense of safety by my softness, or you fantasise about a plus […]

I want you to think about what it would be like to have me as your girlfriend

Imagine dates where you’re locked in chastity and teased through dinner, Sunday morning pegging, me sitting on your face through your favourite film. Imagine total financial control, being used as a sex toy, a guinea pig for my devious hypnosis. Imagine being a photographer for my content, eating my ass, getting golden showers. You’ve dreamed […]

Have you missed me?

I’m really aware that I’ve been sporadic at best when it comes to posting over the past few months and have been turning down almost all but owned subs for any kind of session; it has sucked to not be able to make new connections and develop new relationships, especially for online play. I’m someone […]

The kind of subs I’m into

Do you get anxious about the idea of approaching a domme and wonder if you’ll be written off before you’ve even got started? If you’ve ever felt that way about me, I want to share the main 4 things that help me to determine whether I want to play with a potential sub or a […]

Sending is sexy: have you given in to findom yet?

If you go on TikTok you’ll see that findom is not sex work (um, ew), it’s being mean to men and getting paid tens of thousands of dollars for it. If you scan findom twitter after one of these videos goes viral, you’ll see that findom is definitely sex work, and it’s ‘incredibly hard’ to […]

Foot fetish: the gateway kink

I say this as someone who fell down that exact slippery slope. Yes, all of this started from a harmless obsession with shoes that trickled into enjoying my beautiful feet being worshipped. Cooked in the right conditions, becoming a dangerous Goddess is a possible result, boys, of exploring a simple foot fetish. This isn’t going […]