Imagine dates where you’re locked in chastity and teased through dinner, Sunday morning pegging, me sitting on your face through your favourite film. Imagine total financial control, being used as a sex toy, a guinea pig for my devious hypnosis. Imagine being a photographer for my content, eating my ass, getting golden showers.

You’ve dreamed about dating someone like me for as long as you can remember. Big, beautiful and powerful, completely aware of my ability to manipulate boys just like you. It doesn’t matter if you’re already in a relationship or married, you simply can’t help those thoughts of being mine every second of your day. Not having to worry about unlocking your cage so you’re not caught or about having to hide your kinks on vanilla dates. So you sink into thoughts of being my play thing, it just feels so good to think about it, but what if it could be real?

Being in a relationship with a tormentress, a greedy Goddess, would be no walk in the park (metaphorically speaking; it’s on the table in a literal sense as far as I am concerned, pet) but you feel up for the challenge. You are so desperate to be part of my kinky world, giving me pleasure and being as useful as you’ve always craved to be. You’ll do next-to anything for me, and I’ll be sure to test that, swapping between menial tasks and intense playtime.

I want you to think about what it would be like to have me as your girlfriend, about how desperately weak you’d be every day. Only allowed ruined orgasms and brainwashed into craving what I crave, whether it’s cuckolding or fisting. A female-led relationship is the future you need.

Want to see more of me? I’m posting daily on onlyfans and pocketstars : they’re the exact kind of things I’d send to a weak boyfriend. Or make a great first impression by sending me crypto to the addresses here.

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