You’ve found my online presence and spent some time absorbing my words and allowing my big, beautiful body to sink into your mind. Maybe we share kinks, or you’re obsessed with BBW, or there is just ~something about me, right? Either way your subconscious is craving more. More of my control, more of my teasing, more denial, more more more Goddess.

When the seed has been planted and is starting to shoot, you’ll start to encourage yourself to go deeper: waking up and edging on your knees for Goddess; cutting back on your luxuries so that you can contribute more towards mine; listening to my voice on loop whenever you get a few minutes. You want me to notice your sacrifices and your burgeoning devotion and swallow you whole, knowing my very favourite boys have been entirely brainwashed past the point of any return. It’s the life you want.

You want to show me that you are the weakest prey, to inspire my predatory nature to manipulate you into a feeling of being hypnotically or sexually consumed by me. It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or any other kind of distraction, your subconscious is screaming to you that what you really crave is my control. My sensual femdom makes more sense than any of your vanilla relationships ever have when you think about it.

So you’ll work to impress me, and you’ll be praised for doing a good job, or corrected when you miss the mark, and you’ll sink a little deeper. Conditioned to give me pleasure, and conditioned to get pleasure from MY pleasure. This is the loop that you need to be trapped in.

You know you’ve got what it takes to please me, you’re so pliable. Obedient. Ready to truly sacrifice

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