If you go on TikTok you’ll see that findom is not sex work (um, ew), it’s being mean to men and getting paid tens of thousands of dollars for it. If you scan findom twitter after one of these videos goes viral, you’ll see that findom is definitely sex work, and it’s ‘incredibly hard’ to make good money and the market is saturated. If you look at the dommes who’ve been around for a long time, it’s getting paid to do ‘nothing’, or RT games.

It’s a lot of different things to a lot of people. For clarity, for me, it’s a super fun kink where men send money and gifts because they want to see me live a beautiful life and they want to be part of it. I like to combine my love of findom with other kinks usually, just because I find that it’s what gives me and my subs the most joy – for example conditioning boys that I keep chaste to replace the release of getting to cum with sending, or paying for those rare orgasms. Or it’s paying to see me in something they’ve sent as a gift, or to say show appreciation for the trances they’ve been under for my voice, or to simply thank me for accepting their kinky selves exactly as they are… It’s paying because you know that I am a greedy Goddess, that I want you to send and that you can’t say no to me.

Money’s a key part of vanilla power structures in society so it’s really symbolic when you hand over significant sums of money to show that you really get the power exchange dynamic that you and I both crave. You can’t walk away from findom in the same way that you can from watching a jerk off instruction clip; you’ve bought in more deeply to the interaction, your weakness, and you’ve made your submission tangible. I’m going be on your mind when you’re spending any money on yourself, either where you’re tight because you already sent and it felt good, or you are trying to spend as little as possible to be able to send to me again. If that doesn’t sound sexy as fuck to you, I don’t know what to tell you- our little secret always on your mind.

I think the idea of a whale sub is sexy but as someone in the beginning of actively forming a cult, it’s also very sexy to have lots of weak boys sending and feeling good about pleasing me and worshipping me. A mix of the two sounds like heaven; I’ve got so many kinks that I like to spin into play but the idea of a walking wallet is so arousing. The sort of weakness that would see a single wallet fund my ownership of a big house with a dungeon built around brainwashing and a separate corrupt clinic as I so crave is something I’ve been starting to dream about a lot. Other smaller wallets funding the decor, or a new car, or heels that you’ll lick clean as often as Goddess gives you chance. Drones working together to fund only what I deserve.

If the idea of contributing to my wealth piques your interest in any way, or if you simply want to show appreciation for my blogs/free trances on Onlyfans/blissfully big ass… click here and pick a method.

If you have any questions about findom or paying me specifically, you can message me here or email me at RosieHenderson1@protonmail.com.

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