I say this as someone who fell down that exact slippery slope. Yes, all of this started from a harmless obsession with shoes that trickled into enjoying my beautiful feet being worshipped. Cooked in the right conditions, becoming a dangerous Goddess is a possible result, boys, of exploring a simple foot fetish.

This isn’t going to be a psychological analysis of your desire to be under the lowest point of a female, nor a discussion of the Freudian thinking that it’s about the shape of a foot being phallic. It’s also not going to explore there where and why of my own adoration of foot worship, it’s just going to be a little gratuitous brain dribble of a blog.

If you’re here as someone with a proclivity for heels/sandals/trainers/nylons/etc, you’re going to have to wait a little for me to get my writing hat on, because my focus right now is on my craving for bare foot worship.

I’ve got delicious size (UK) 7s, chubby toes and the softest soles you can imagine. It makes them absolutely perfect to fit into most hands for a massage, or into a mouth for toe sucking, and my arches? It’s almost like the curves of my feet have been designed with a face kissing my soles in mind.

I feel endlessly powerful directing your needy tongue around my feet, and it’s undoubtedly a sexual buzz for me, like the nerves in my feet speak directly to my sexuality. As a sensual dominatrix, for most subs, this is one of the most sexual acts you are likely to be instructed to do.

I also crave to watch someone embracing their secret obsession, and the mix of emotions you display, from arousal, through bliss, to a total acceptance that this is where you belong, with my feet on your face, cock, in your mouth, hitting your balls, sliding down your chest. Knowing that you are acutely aware of how much power my chubby little toes have over you, watching them wriggling in your face and teasing you with that fact.

I want you to lick filthy soles until your mouth gets dry, hear you mumbling about your addiction for me as you kiss my arches and tops of my feet, watch you drop into sub space or, even sexier to me, drop into trance. Focusing on my toes twirling and letting the red of my toenails take you down into a sleepy state where my bare feet can walk over your subconscious, to the point that even a glimpse of my soles triggers you to slip back into a trance state.

Feet are the most fetishised body part after genitalia, so it’s exceptionally common to feel so strongly about your need to have mine all over your face and body. Give in to the desire and explore your simple Goddess Rosie foot fetish. Who knows where it could take you?

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