I thought I’d do a quick and easy little blog to explain to those that are hypno-curious what a trance actually is. The beauty of hypno is that we go into trance states every day so there are lots of different examples that can help you understand the specifics of your mind and what my role is in hypnotic play.

Have you ever driven from your place to somewhere really familiar, like work or to a friend’s place, and have a feeling of ‘how did I even get here?’ Driving on autopilot is my favourite way to explain trance.

You are so familiar with the route you’re taking that your conscious mind doesn’t have to step up and tell you if you’re taking a right or left turn; you just know, and do it without the thought needing to surface. It’s peaceful. At the same time, you’re in a mental space where if you were, say, cut off last minute by another driver, you’d be instantly alert to keep yourself safe. Your conscious mind takes a break until it’s necessary and it’s always waiting to look after your best interests.

You might agree that the example above makes sense for trance: my voice will allow your conscious mind to rest unless it decides it’s safer to bring you out of that trance state and wake you up, but maybe you still worry that if you aren’t familiar with my voice already that your consciousness may not know that it can take that rest and settle into it?

When you drive, even when you’re concentrating on every single direction it’s going because it’s a new route… do you consciously think about gear changes? Or whether you’re checking mirrors, what you’re doing with the breaks, if you’ve got enough gas/oil/water where it should be? These parts in hypnosis could be explained as where I come in.

You’re going to focus on the journey (my voice is far sexier than a sat nav), and you’re going to leave the practicalities of how you instinctively know what to do and how to follow along… to me. My very, very capable hands are going to facilitate play where you can stay focused of where it’s going- on the route I’m weaving. You know that I’m capable, because you may have seen subs that I play with in trance on my Twitter say so enthusiastically, and I’ll have a testimonials page coming soon where you can read a little more feedback to simply confirm that I’m more than qualified to take over.

If you want to get more comfortable with my voice before letting me in more personally, I’ve got a few free trances on this OnlyFans. Go and have a little listen (NOT while driving, just to be crystal clear!) and message me on twitter about how you find your first time. For text based trance, my words here might hit the spot…

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