You’ve come to be manipulated into sending, worshipping. 
Welcome home.

You know what comes next, and it isn’t you.


Your whole body is begging to ache for me

Erotic hypnosis spilling from my triggering, red, shiny lips. You feel so vulnerable, this is the perfect space for Goddess to trigger you into sending.

You need to.

There’s nothing else that could satiate you; no amount of edging, or pain play, or foot worship. Cravings filling you, but nothing hits the spot quite like sending anymore.

You don’t need to cum, you need to pay.

You’ve probably been interested in hypnosis since you were young, and it’s grown into a huge part of your identity. Maybe you can’t get aroused without being triggered into a hypnotic trance, or maybe the idea of being completely vulnerable to a Goddess’s control is the key to your sexuality.

Your craving for hypnosis is relentless, constantly swirling around your head. It’s an addiction and you’re looking for the right place for your focus to land. It’s one of those decisions where you don’t know where you’re looking until you’ve found the perfect fit… or did it find you? 

Were you simply the prey to my predator? A gorgeous mind that took my fancy and then simply had to be claimed as my personal playground?

It’s fun to play with all sorts of boys but you were special, chosen, and you didn’t stand a chance against me. Completely triggered even now by the idea that you were a victim of my hypnotic control far before you knew you were in too deep to really escape. You’ve been studied and manipulated so that our interests align, and now you need to please me, to be a good boy for Goddess and show me just how obedient you can be.

Just open wide and let Goddess in. Let Goddess fill everything. There’s so much of my big beautiful body you need to make space for, we can work together to work out which parts of your subconscious we’ll sacrifice.