How closely have you been paying attention to my words, and my lips, on my social media and onlyfans posts?

If you’re a good, obedient boy, and if you’ve allowed my voice, face, cleavage to sink into that gorgeous subconscious, know that I fantasise about meeting you in public and dropping you into a trance before your conscious mind has registered who I am and what I am capable of. 

Of simply approaching you and saying the word ‘sleep’ to you, your eyes drawn straight to bright red lips and your mind already feeling soft and spectacularly vulnerable by the time my lips close again into a devious little smirk. Maybe that sense of being vulnerable will speed up your ability to recognise me, and what I’m doing to you, faster… It really is familiar, isn’t it?

I fantasise about then taking you deeper, keeping you disorientated but instinctively compliant, your conscious mind catching up eventually before quickly acknowledging Goddess is completely in charge already and resistance is, as always, futile. 

I’d sleep-walk you to the side and swirl whatever devious and delicious scenarios takes my fancy into your pliable mind, watching you taking in my voice as your adjusted reality.

Hypnotically controlled, acting out the motions of being normal while Goddess simply manipulates your every move, hijacking your thought processes for your whole day. Your whole existence. 

Making the urge to be on your knees, begging to kiss my ass as it deserves, overwhelm you in the middle of a busy sidewalk; hypnotised to see all around you as a blur, locked into Goddess and allowing everything else to slide into something more abstract than a crowd. Able to zone into every freckle of mine, but nothing at all of a single person or object nearby.

You’ve felt my power and control so many times that it will be so easy for me to take over and talk you into anything at all. It feels good to give in to it, and you’re well aware that obedience is rewarded in my little cult, so it makes perfect sense that you’d allow me to manipulate you with just a little look. It’s what you want as much as what I desire, embracing the takeover is what you’ve been conditioned for.

How closely have you been paying attention to my words, and my lips, on my social media and onlyfans posts?

*** Disclaimer: this is a fantasy and while it’s absolutely possible to do this, I am not going to seek you out to drop you into trance without your consent, promise.

To the subs I’ve talked about this with, and that have given me consent to do this, within certain bounds, if I please… well. See you soon.

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