Beautiful and powerful hypnosis is a hybrid: getting to feel helpless and mindless, completely controlled by Goddess, but feeling completely safe and trusting Goddess with that control. You want to feel open to having someone roam around your delicious subconscious, weaving new fantasies into the fabric of it; creating a sublime space where you can both let go and be taken advantage of.

The beauty of hypnosis from a consent perspective, is that it’s impossible to do something your subconscious doesn’t want you to do. Attempting to would simply lift you out of trance to keep you safe. There is no amount of mind hijacking to change that. But if we’re about to embark on a beautiful journey, with pleasure on both sides and some crucial mutual respect, it’s got to start from, and be full of, areally enthusiastic yes.

Shy subs are not exempt here, there’s no being coaxed into playing with me; I want you as keen to play with me as I am with you, and paying for a session isn’t enough by itself when what you’re letting me toy with is the infrastructure of your subconscious.

It’s not purely because I love to hear a submissive beg me to take control, though I absolutely am aroused by this, but that it makes me feel safe in our play, and you’ve got significant buy-in, which makes your hypnotic induction a breeze. I can practically see your eyes begging to roll back in your head when I can hear/read your sweet craving for my control.

The enthusiastic yes is absolutely two-way- I want to be enthusiastic about playing with you too! I want to know that we’re both in a good head space; that we’re compatible; that we share enough kinks that you’ll enjoy dropping deeply into trance for me; that I don’t feel like you’re trying to manipulate me in any way. This last point is particularly key for me. I’m not enthusiastic or even open to play with someone who has been intentionally deceptive, even when there’s been a significant and established relationship prior. It’s a low bar, but in online spaces where lies are so easy to reel off without consequence, it’s important for me to share. It’s also something I’d previously tried to ignore of myself and it’s not been effective for me, for hypnosis specifically.

Share your limits and loves with me, and let our really enthusiastic yeses be the start of a really beautiful hypnotic experience.

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