I’m really aware that I’ve been sporadic at best when it comes to posting over the past few months and have been turning down almost all but owned subs for any kind of session; it has sucked to not be able to make new connections and develop new relationships, especially for online play. I’m someone that loves lots of variety in both my play and play-things so knowing I’ve missed out is incredibly frustrating ha.

Without going into too much detail, things have been tough in a vanilla place for me for the past few months- absolutely no need to pity me as I recognise that I’m still incredibly fortunate in many ways compared to the challenges 2020 has been dealing out. While kink has been my refuge from slipping into misery, I’ve not had the creative energy to focus on anything more than the subs I already had built connections with. I’m not going to wax lyrical about just how spectacular they have all been in keeping me distracted and as balanced as possible, but I consider myself very fortunate.

I’m, fingers crossed, at the end of the shitty time in vanilla-world, and as I have spent this week embracing being able to have my mind freely drift to the filthy, the unethical and the deviously hypnotic, it felt right to just put out a little blog to say “I’m back”.

To me, being back means: I’ll be doing hypnosis, femdom and findom sessions again (I’ll have a blog and site update coming soon with some of my favourite overarching themes for trance play for those that are curious); posting and interacting more frequently on my twitter and fan pages; writing more blogs; creating content; and finding new ways to manipulate wallets and corrupt minds. 

It’s exciting for me to be in a far better place to start sinking back into play and I’m hopeful that I can regain some of the ground from the start of this year with boys keen to be overwhelmed by me.

It’s a very good time to come and be a good boy for Goddess.

Contact here or here to be a good boy!

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