I have stopped counting the number of times a sub has asked me how often they should listen to a trance or how regularly they need to experience hypnosis with me before it’ll ‘work’.

I can have a boy lose his mind in seconds when he’s got so comfortable in my voice enough that, when my tone drops, it’s a trigger all of its own. It can happen the first time that you speak with me 1-2-1, if you’ve listened to it on one of my onlyfans before (here and here). I have subs that can go into trance via text, dazed and agreeable to every instruction. You’re consuming me in so many mediums that as soon as you open your delicious subconscious up to me at all, it’s devoured before you’ve even thought to put up any guard against me. Helpless little drone.

I’ve never had someone unable to go into trance to any degree for me to explain what that looks like, however there are some that are slower to pick up even obvious triggers. Repetition is great for this kind of boy, with recordings that encourage you to open yourself fully and become primed and ready to explore everything that trance can be with two people. There’s no shame in being slower to be able to drop deep for a hypnotic domme, or to pick up the triggers laid out, however recognising this in yourself and making the efforts to absorb recordings daily to reinforce my voice in your subconscious as a fun and safe guide is going to be the most effective way for you to have spectacular hypnotic experiences with me.

I’m disregarding those that pretend to go into trance and exaggerate their responses because it’s simply no fun for me as a hypnodomme and ultimately, as a professional, I don’t really want to play with this type of sub. Why bother, when I can take over someone else’s mind for real? I’ll take a sub getting overwhelmed and tearful for experiencing true mind control after fantasising and playing the role for so much of their hypnotic experience, anytime. There’s obviously space in hypno kink for these kinds of trance subs, but it’s not on the end of a call to me if I can avoid it.

You can spend all day brainwashing yourself with my voice to coax your subconscious to invite me deeper, or ritualise being on your knees each evening in worship for my hypnotic little face (or HUGE hypnotic curves), or simply allow your subconscious to drift to me in your day to day thinking. All of them are going to be helpful for me to take advantage of you and get deeper into that beautiful mind.

Just stroke in those good feelings for me, sink into my voice as often as feels yummy, and allow the trance to float afterwards. Don’t shut it down if it feels good in the afterglow of play. If you see my image when you see red, or have the urge to beg to edge or plug yourself because you’ve spotted a photo of my feet while scrolling twitter, or you get turned on and realise you can’t get hard, I want you to lean into it and encourage it. Reinforce my power in your mind. Reward yourself for letting my red, shiny ass in; for noticing the manipulation of your instincts from a simple image; for recognising your hypnotic chastity cage. How quickly you become addicted hardly matters when you make it all the way down there.

Hypnosis is effective after one occasion listening to me; either triggers instantly stick and you feel that pleasure of losing control to a divinely greedy Goddess… or you’re simply softening yourself up for the next time. 

Sooner or later, you are simply hypnotised prey.

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