If you’re seeking fulfilment and a life focused on your submission, I’ve got the answer that you need: total control of your orgasms in the hands of a relentlessly greedy Goddess.

While I do adore periods of overstimulation and there are boys that absolutely do not go well with chastity, I’m here to campaign for the cock cage and coax you into locking up for Rosie.

Dick, generally speaking, is abundant and low value. There are too many of your counterparts sharing their ugly junk, completely unsolicited, and it’s driving down interest. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m invested in someone, I might still want to see. But a way to create excitement? Be caged. There’s not a dick around that can’t look more attractive by being caged.

I adore seeing you vulnerable- those helpless hard-ons stopped dead, the desperation you feel when you’ve been denied for a week when you’d usually cum at least twice a day. You understand that cocks may be erotic but they’re hardly ever attractive, and making yours more aesthetically pleasing for me will undoubtedly show me that you’re trying to impress me. You want to be locked up and held completely at my mercy, knowing that on some days, I simply have no mercy to dole out, and you are bound by the cage while I ignore your pleas for a little break so you can stroke yourself silly.

If you want a personal preference, I’m voting for something metal, with enough space in the gaps for you to be able to tease yourself with touch, but not enough to really enjoy it without explicit instructions; you’re not going to accidentally get too close to an edge. I adore plastic for its practicality though, especially if the cage is a cute pink or a clear that I can see your little dick squeezed into. My only absolute no is silicone. I don’t know anyone with a good tale to tell, but a few significant horror stories; boys, it’s not a cage you want to sleep in (not that you’d even be able to). (***Edit: I actually got mixed up and one of my good boys is locked in silicone! And that has been a truly beautiful experience. Perhaps I should not be so hard on it haha)

Deny yourself for me; learn about your body, your cravings and your submission. Be a good boy, all locked up for Rosie.

Edit: I highly rate House of Denial for cages in discrete packaging. Contact me to discuss key holding and chastity if it’s time for you to lock your cock for Goddess.

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  1. I have to admit it is a very persuasive case for male chastity. Not sure I am ready for it though! BTW I sometimes wonder about those evil-looking cock cages with a urethral insert or penis sound incorporated into them. How does anyone wear such a thing without being driven absolutely insane?

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