Have you ever done something for the first time and felt with your whole body that it’s something that’s about to reframe everything for you?

I’ve always been interested in mind control / cult mindsets, and the power play is why I adore being a dominatrix, so taking a dive into hypnosis was probably, ultimately, inevitable. I dabbled a little for a while, mixing things I’d seen in films and cartoons into my sensual domination, however to me, it felt like I was just ‘playing’ at hypnotic control. Which is sexy, of course, but what I really always wanted was to be able to truly slip into a mind and play with it with a really rounded understanding; to truly be powerful.

When I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist, I felt like my truest self was unleashed. I had knowledge and a soul full to bursting of craving, and all I wanted was to sink my teeth into good boys with beautiful minds straight away.

I dream about using boys like you as toys and puppets. I wake up thinking about playing with subs and fetishists, and my desire filled thoughts fill most of my waking hours; I take boys into trance whenever I can for my own bliss. There is nothing as wonderful to me as feeling your beautiful mind giving in and accepting my control, whether it’s for the first time, or that really familiar drop.

Teasing at the beginning and seducing you into aligning to my own interests, showing you how genuine hypnosis can feel for a good, willing boy. It’s my dream job, and as a dominatrix, it allows me to create genuine and deep D/s relationships or kinky friendships with men from all over the world. The arousal I feel from leading a keen boy through my fantasies, inserting them as my prey, is unmatched in a vanilla environment for me; it’s so intense and delicious. My sexuality is completely reframed by my beautiful experiences with hypno subs.

My favourite experiences undoubtably involve a sleepy boy expressing at the end how deep they felt they went, because I am a relentless Goddess and seeing how far down into trance a boy can go is exquisite fun for me. You are so exposed, so vulnerable. Trusting me to coax you as I please, trusting me to keep you safe, not always will full recollection of what we’ve done.

As far as online sessions go, and I do quite a broad range in line with my interests, there’s nothing more erotic to me than hypnosis. I want to make you desperate, laying triggers that ensure my subsequent postings make you dribble and desperate to stroke, or crave the security of a chastity cage. Even in the moment, you’re going to please me however I say and there’s very little that’s going to feel as good in your subconscious as pleasing me. I’m going to train your mind to focus on me, and my desires.

The potential for pleasure through hypnokink is second to none, and I’m still only at the start of my journey. This powerful, this fast? Lucky drones.

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