I thought I’d do a quick and easy little blog to explain to those that are hypno-curious what a trance actually is. The beauty of hypno is that we go into trance states every day so there are lots of different examples that can help you understand the specifics of your mind and what my […]

Hypno kink: a sexy little peek into my desires

Have you ever done something for the first time and felt with your whole body that it’s something that’s about to reframe everything for you? I’ve always been interested in mind control / cult mindsets, and the power play is why I adore being a dominatrix, so taking a dive into hypnosis was probably, ultimately, […]

A Really Enthusiastic Yes

Beautiful and powerful hypnosis is a hybrid: getting to feel helpless and mindless, completely controlled by Goddess, but feeling completely safe and trusting Goddess with that control. You want to feel open to having someone roam around your delicious subconscious, weaving new fantasies into the fabric of it; creating a sublime space where you can […]