If you’re new to hypno, kink or new to me, I’ve compiled my most frequently asked questions.
If your question isn’t noted below, get in touch!

Can everyone be hypnotised?

However, if you have epilepsy or any psychosis you absolutely MUST let your hypno-domme know.

This is really important.

I’ve never been able to go into trance before, why are you different?

Besides being a qualified professional, I’m experienced on both sides of trance, and of D/s relationships. While I don’t switch frequently anymore, having those experiences has given me invaluable knowledge when it comes to helping someone settle into trance.

You’re going to be just fine. Some people need a little longer for triggers to embed, but there’s no reason you won’t be able to go into trance.

Will you tell me when I’m in trance?

Yes. Consent is a big part of all play.

I am, however, a big fan of dropping good boys into trance whenever I feel like it, if we have a relationship where we’ve agreed this is OK.

It’s absolutely possible to stop a trance at any time, although some of my delicious boys would struggle to tell you how to go about that.

Do I have to tribute to play?

The fact that I enjoy my kink(s) so deeply does not change the fact that you’re absolutely required to tribute to make me want to play with your mind over any others I’m offered. If you want my control you have to do more than simply beg for it.

In addition, investing something completely tangible in me and our play makes it incredibly easy to slip into a trance with me. Buy-in is important.
Methods to use are here.

What are your other kinks?

There are lots of things I adore besides my hypnokink. 
Financial domination, tease and denial, CBT, worship, chastity and orgasm control, and mild breath play are some of my other favourites.

These are likely things that I will talk about in depth in my blog here. I am not a content machine so if you want more guidance on the above kinks, message me on Twitter @RosieHendo1 and let me know so that I can make an effort to add a blog.

For any other kinks where you’re not sure if I’ll be interested, you can come and ask on Twitter or via Onlyfans here or here.

Is everything you do real?

Good question. Some things are fantasy, some are incredibly real. Hypno can be life changing, but it is also a kink same as many others that straddle the fantasy line.
The key difference is about the relationship we have.

Anything that looks problematic is likely to be fantasy only or with a consenting party. Contact me directly with any concerns at RosieHenderson1@protonmail.com

For any other questions, message me on twitter @RosieHendo1