I am Rosie Henderson, a beautiful & devious English hypno-dominatrix. I am an absolute force, taking submissive pets like you down into your subconscious and giving you the space to play with your deepest desire: obeying a powerful, sensual Goddess.
I’m a greedy, intelligent, manipulative woman, and I was destined to find a community of admirers that bend to my whims and instruction. I know exactly what I want, and I enjoy teasing it out of you. I crave mutually beneficial connections and love to show submissives that their willingness to serve a greedy Goddess, to sacrifice, is completely natural. My softness, my beauty and my complete understanding of how your urges fit with mine combine to make you completely helpless.

If we’re talking skills, I’ve over 6 years experience as a domme, and I’m a clinically qualified hypnotherapist- this experience and passion swirls together into the most intoxicating mind control. With a voice like honey, voluptuous figure, striking face and a natural dominance, I easily become a trigger all of its own. When it comes to me, logic can encourage you even deeper; it’s like I’ve been built for your divine destruction.

Below is a list of kinks I enjoy playing with, though it is by no means exhaustive. If there is something you’d wish to explore with me, in or out of trance, you can always ask politely on Twitter here, or my fan sites noted here.
Erotic hypnosis
Worship (foot, BBW, ass)
Tease & denial
Chastity & key-holding 
Orgasm control
GFE-style play
Fabric fetishes (leather, PVC, silk, satin, chiffon)
I enjoy writing about my kinky interests so be sure to check out my blog here, and drop me a message on Twitter/email/Curious Cat (anonymous) if you’ve any requests for blogs that pad out my interest in the above kinks.